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OCEA Full Custom Yachts

As a recognised specialist in designing and building aluminium ships, OCEA has all the skills and technical infrastructure to build the motor yacht of your dreams, completely custom-made...

Embark on an extraordinary adventure

Building a full custom yacht is the ultimate experience for any owner: pursuing a dream, turning the smallest details into reality and charting your own course.

The naval project you are going to build is your own. You will share your desires and your personal vision with the OCEA experts who will assist you throughout the design and construction of your yacht. This fruitful partnership, will ensure an unforgettable blend of human endeavour and technological innovation. And to deliver a boat that is entirely unique, made to take you further.

OCEA Nautilus

Every yacht tells a story...
It's a vision of your lifestyle at sea

Choose from a roster of renowned experts in naval architecture

OCEA Yachts has always stood out for the exceptional quality, distinct personality, and aesthetics of its boats. This track record has driven the yard to collaborate with some of the world’s most imaginative and experienced naval architects specifically for aluminium motor yachts.

OCEA Yachts can therefore recommend the professional best suited for your project or work with the naval architect of your choice.

Customise your interior design to match your specifications

As much as the boat’s design, its interior mirrors the personality and lifestyle of its owner. OCEA Yachts strives to offer boats that are a joy to experience, and adapted to meet the needs and high standards of shipowners. OCEA Yachts works in partnership with a number of specialist decorators and designers.

Pierre Frutschi pour OCEA
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Borella Art Design for OCEA Yachts

Pierre Frutschi for OCEA Yachts

Frank Darnet for OCEA Yachts

Discover OCEA Full Custom design inspirations

The sophisticated plans designed by famous architects have benefited from preliminary studies that save several months of development. However, they can still be modified and personalised to meet your requirements. In addition to these semi-custom options, Ocea Yachts can design a fully custom yacht for you according to your specifications...