L'intelligence de l'aluminium

Aluminium's great merits

Strong, light, durable... Aluminium boasts numerous qualities. For over 35 years, the OCEA shipyard has been writing the history of aluminium shipbuilding, continually enhancing and expanding the boundaries of its utilisation.

Combining lightness and strength

Aluminium’s main quality lies in its remarkable lightness, with a density three times lower than that of steel. Moreover, unlike many lightweight materials, aluminium exhibits exceptional durability, resistance to impacts, and requires less maintenance compared to steel.

The remarkable lightness of an aluminium hull stands as a key factor contributing to the outstanding seaworthiness of all OCEA boats. It grants yachts enhanced stability and a shallow draught, facilitating closer exploration along the coastline and enabling them to fully embrace and appreciate the surrounding scenery.


A mastery of expert skills

Opting for aluminium construction has driven OCEA to develop specific expertise right from the start. Due to its unique characteristics, this noble material requires a distinct design. OCEA’s great strength lies in developing in-house expertise and know-how essential for maximising the virtues of aluminium.

Its maritime engineering design offices are organised to adapt to the specific demands of each project. Its production sites are able to assemble units up to 90-metres long in an optimal working environment. Its engineers and project managers are vastly experienced in thorough management of resources needed for construction. Integration of all these skills also ensures accurate checks of scheduling and budgeting at each stage of a project.

Construction aluminium
Approche positive
approche positive

Seek a durable profile

In a world where minimising environmental impact is a growing priority, OCEA Yachts is actively contributing by offering a range of tangible sustainability solutions.

Understanding our commitments